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ECERS Subscale Language and Reasoning. Item #15 Books and Pictures

Item # EITEM15
From $426.57

Product Overview

In order to rate in the "Good" range here there needs to be a wide variety of books with an assortment of topics such as fantasy, factual, stories about people, animals, nature/science, different cultures and abilities and additional language materials like posters, pictures, flannel board stories, picture card games and recorded stories and songs, rhyming games. Kit includes: 31 books, 30 posters, 1 double sided hook-and-loop story board, 19 felt story pieces, 43 hook-and-loop backed vocabulary cards, 40 double-sided photo cards, 2 books, each with CD included.

Set Includes:
*5 books (5" x 7")
*5 books (8-1/8" x 8")
*6 books (11"W x 9"H)
*7 books (8-1/4"W x 7-1/16"H)
*4 books (6"Sq.)
*4 books (8-1/4"L x 9-1/4"W x 1-1/4" thick)
*30 posters (16"L x 12"W)
*1 double sided hook-and-loop story board (15"H x 22"L)
*10 felt story pieces
*1 wheels on the bus book and CD
*1 sleeping beauty book and CD
*40 double sided photo cards (6"L x 5-1/2"W)
*Felt story set: 9 felt characters, 43 hook-and-loop backed vocabulary cards