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Learning Pack-Infant See & Touch

Item # BPINF1
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Product Overview

Each stage of development can be supported and built upon with these early learning family engagement packs. Introduce new concepts using the developmentally specific tools and activity cards provided. Activity cards provide fun interactive ways to play, learn and grow using the items provided in the backpack or suggested items in the home or with the caregiver.

Learning Pack-Infant See & Touch is designed for young infants begining to learn about you and the world around them by observing, exploring, and interacting with people and objects in their environment. Simple activities that encourage visual exploration and physical discovering of how objects may work to promote important developmental skills. Fun and bonding with baby for family and caregiver alike. Ages 3-6mos.

*Rainbow Grabby Ball
*Teething Beads
*At The Zoo Touch and Feel Board Book
*Premium Student Backpack
*8 Unique Family Engagement Activities
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