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Excellerations® Sensory Surprise Box with 5 Shapes

From $28.98

Product Overview

Surprise! Babies will be amazed by the crinkle, laugh box, rattle and squeaker sounds pieces make!
  • SET INCLUDES: Includes triangle, square, circle, star and rectangle shapes.
  • SIZE: Box is 7 inch cube, smallest piece measures 3 inches L, largest: 4 inches L
  • QUALITY: Soft fabric in a variety of textures is machine washable in cold water. Box and sensory bits have sewn details and are durabile for classroom use.
  • DESIGN: Designed for babies to be engage with the crinkle, laugh box, rattle and squeaker sounds pieces. Vibrant plush fabric shapes have tactile appeal. Child can place items in box and dump out.
  • EDUCATOINAL: Product supports cognitive, hand-eye cooridnation and motor skills.