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Bump! Multiplication Dice Game

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Bump Up Those Multiplication Skills! This Fun And Familiar Game Now Includes Factors Through 12!
In this exciting game, players roll the quiet foam dice, multiply the numbers, and mark the answer space on the mat. The fun comes in when they get to bump their partner off his or her position.*Amusing Themes: Colorful mats feature kittens, cupcakes, spaceships, skateboards, and other entertaining themes to add even more interest to an already exciting game.*Foam Dice For Quiet Play: Designed for quieter play, the dice are made of foam so students can shake and roll them without the clatter.*For Up To 8 Players: With eight colorful, double-sided, write-on/wipe- off mats and four pairs of dice, up to eight students can play in pairs at the same time.*Color-Coded Dice Pairs Have Numbers To 12: Most dice only have dots showing numbers to six. This set includes four pairs of dice, each with one blue die sporting numbers 1-6 and one green die sporting numbers 7-12. Now students can multiply with factors up to 12 for a greater challenge!*Perfect For Indoor Recess, Math Centers, And More! Entertain students as they bump up their multiplication skills during math time or anytime!*Practice Multiplication At Home: Parents who want to give their child extra multiplication practice might want to get this game to use at home. It makes for fun family time, too!Multiplication doesn't get much more fun than this! Provide exciting practice with this dice game—now with factors through 12!
8 double-sided mats and 1 cover card * Write-Again® wipe-off laminate * Size: 7½" by 9½" each * 8 foam dice (4 blue dice with numbers 1-6 * 4 green dice with numbers 7-12) * Size: 1" each * 1 zip-top storage bag


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