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Dividing And Comparing Fractions Dry Erase Boards - 6 boards

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Product Overview

Unique Dry Erase Boards Help Students Master Dividing And Comparing Fractions
One side of these dry erase boards shows color-coded steps for dividing fractions. The other side shows the steps for comparing fractions.*Set Of 6 Double-Sided Boards: Help kids understand very tricky math processes with these one-of-a-kind dry erase boards. One side of each board shows step-by-step how to divide one fraction by another. The other side shows the steps for comparing two fractions to determine if one is greater than, less than, or equal to the other.*Color-Coding Helps Kids Understand The Process: The boards use colored shading to show students the relationships between the numbers as they manipulate the fractions.*Great For Centers: Place these boards in your math center to help kids master these complicated skills.*Durable Dry Erase Saves Time: Instead of making and copying worksheets, you can give kids these sturdy write-on/wipe-off boards to practice dividing and comparing fractions. When they solve one problem, they can erase and try another one. Use them day after day, year after year.Provide color-coded, step-by-step practice dividing and comparing fractions with these one-of-a-kind, double-sided dry erase boards.
6 double-sided dry erase boards * Size: 6" by 8" each


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