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Fraction Magnets And Manipulatives Kit

Item # 167069
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Help Kids Visualize And Understand Fractions With This Hands- On Set Of Magnets And Manipulatives
These three sets of color-coded manipulatives make teaching and learning fractions fun and hands-on. Teachers can model with the magnetic set, and have students practice with the matching plastic fraction cubes and fraction circles. Also includes a magnetic, dry erase number line with fractions!*3 Sets Of Color-Coded Manipulatives In One! You get a set of demonstration magnets for the teacher and two sets of nonmagnetic plastic manipulatives for student use: fraction circles and fraction towers. Each circle or tower is color-coded by fraction, for example 1, , , etc., so you can easily see which pieces fit together to form a whole.*Demonstrate With The Teacher Magnets: Teachers can use the magnets on a whiteboard, metal door or file cabinet, or any magnet-receptive surface. The magnets are dry erase and super durable.*Students Practice With Matching Plastic Manipulatives: Students can practice with the hands-on plastic fraction cubes and fraction circles at their desks or at a table.*Write-On/Wipe-Off, Magnetic Number Line: The teacher magnets come with a number line with fractions on it, in addition to the fraction circles and fraction rectangles that match the student sets.*Fractions In Different Formats: To help students see fractions as part of a whole, this set allows them to work with circles and rectangles divided into different fractional parts. This makes the concept of fractions concrete and easier to understand.*Shows A Variety Of Fractions: This color-coded set contains the following fractions: 1, , 1/3, , 1/5, 1/6, 1/8, 1/10, 1/12, in either circle or rectangle format, or both.Demonstrate with fraction magnets and let kids get hands-on by practicing with the matching plastic manipulatives.
Fraction Magnets Set (166962):6 fraction circles * 9 fraction rectangles * and a number line * 85 pieces * Fraction Tower Fraction Cubes (161072): 51 snap-together plastic pieces * Printed Fraction Circles (707740) * 51 pieces


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Really Good Stuff®
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