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Really Good Stuff® Ten-Frames And Place Value Dry-Erase Practice Mats - Set of 6

Item # 165807
Really Good Stuff®
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It’s easy to introduce and reinforce early addition and subtraction concepts and place value skills by providing young learners with 6 interactive, two-sided Ten-Frames and Place-Value Work Mats to get them showing numbers and amounts in different forms. One side of the Mats offer students a place to solve addition and subtraction problems to 20 by using a dry erase marker or manipulatives on a double ten frame, and then write the equation. The other side of the Mats feature a simple place-value chart with ones, tens, and hundreds of columns where students can manipulate classroom counters, base-ten blocks, or use a dry-erase marker to represent numbers.

  • WHAT’S INCLUDED: The Ten-Frames and Place-Value Work Mats include 6 double-sided Write Again wipe-off laminated Work Mats (18"" by 12"" each.)
  • PROVIDE YOUNG LEARNERS WITH PLENTY OF ROOM FOR WRITING: These extra-large Mats give kids plenty of room for hands-on exploration of ten-frames, writing equations, and place value. They’re big enough for partners to work together too!
  • DESIGNED WITH EARLY LEARNING MATH CONCEPTS IN MIND: These Mats were designed to fit classroom counters up to 1"" and base-ten blocks for units, rods, and mats. Students can also write numerals, make tally marks, or draw shapes using dry- erase markers.
  • ENHANCE INDIVIDUAL AND SMALL GROUP LESSONS: The Ten-Frames and Place-Value Work Mats are a perfect desktop or tabletop math tool to enhance your math lessons for individuals and small groups!
  • START YOUNG STUDENTS ON THE ROAD TO GOOD WORK HABITS: Get your students implementing good-work habits by having them safely cap and store their markers, erase the Boards completely, rehouse any manipulatives, and store the Boards so they are ready for the next students to solve math problems!


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Really Good Stuff®
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