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Calming Sensory Slime With UV Color-Changing Beads - 1 multi-item kit

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Engage Kids In A Calming Sensory Activity That Also Teaches Science
We’ve taken the best slime on the market and added an extra sensory dimension: beads that change color when exposed to sunlight or black light! Kids will enjoy the calming tactile experience of mixing the white beads into the clear slime. They’ll be amazed when they put their slime mixture in the sun, and the beads change color! (They’ll also learn a little something about UV light, too.) Teaching guides offer activity and experiment ideas and explain the science involved.*Superior Slime: This DIY slime is the best around. It’s even in demand by Hollywood special effects artists. Kids will love mixing it up and then getting their hands into it for a soothing sensory experience.*500 Color-Changing Beads: These beads all look white, but they change into a variety of colors when exposed to UV light. Kids can mix them into the slime to add texture. When they put their slime/bead concoctions in the sun, the clear slime will let them see the beads change color right before their eyes!*Let It Dry Into Slime Art: When they’re done with the sensory exploration, kids can let their creations dry into cool slime art that changes color when you put it in the sun!*Help Kids Self-Soothe As They Learn Science: In addition to the beneficial calming sensory aspects of this activity, it also offers an opportunity to learn about the science of polymers in the slime and UV light.*Teaching Guides Included: The guides offer engaging activity and experiment ideas and explain the science behind them.Set up an inexpensive sensory station with this convenient kit.
500 UV Color-Changing Beads – Assorted Colors * Size: 6 mm by 9 mm each * with 4 mm hole * Colors: Beads turn red * orange * yellow * green * blue * and purple * 1 bottle of Slime Art * Size: 1 liter * Color: Clear Glass * 1 bottle of Slime Activator * Size: 8 oz. * 2 full-color teaching and activity guides (1 for the beads * 1 for the Slime Art)

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