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Intermediate Science Inquiry Cubes - 4-Pack

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Make Science Inquiry An Everyday And Accessible Practice With These 4 Foam Cubes!
These cheerful foam cubes provide an easy and engaging way to promote scientific inquiry. They’re big enough to be seen by the whole class or group, and the prompts align with current science standards. The cubes are color-coded based on where you are in the inquiry process, are usable across several grade levels, and can be utilized by students for individual practice.*Make Science Everyday: Take the formality out of science teaching with these fun and easy cubes. Roll one and whichever of the six prompts comes up can lead the science inquiry for the day.*Good For Whole Class, Groups, Or Individual Work: The colorful, jumbo-sized cubes can be seen by the whole class or a small group. Make science a question-and-answer, give-and-take collaboration! Or, hand them out to students for individual practice.*Topics Align With Standards: The prompts on the sides of these cubes align with current science standards. You’ll be preparing students for testing at the same time as honing their science thinking skills.*Color-Coded Advanced Inquiry Prompts: The different color cubes contain different stages of inquiry prompts. The orange cube has beginning an inquiry questions. The green cube has inquiry progression prompts. The yellow cube offers evaluating and interpreting your inquiry questions, and the blue cube offers inquiry reflection.*Flexible And Durable Design: The timeless prompts presented on the cubes are usable across several grade levels, so you can take them with you if you switch grades. Plus, they’re sturdily made of polyurethane and will last year after year!*Lead Scientific Inquiry: Incorporating science teaching is a must-do for all classes today. Lead real scientific inquiry, even across lower level grades, with these curiosity-sparking science cubes.*When It’s Enjoyable, We All Learn: Tossing one of these cubes in front of your class makes science thinking a nonthreatening activity. Everybody enjoys it more, even you, and science becomes more accessible to students.Colorful foam cubes, printed with scientific inquiry prompts, spark students’ science thinking!
4 foam dice * Size: 4" by 4" each * Color: 1 each of orange * yellow * green * and blue * 1 instruction card * Size: 4" by 4"


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Really Good Stuff®
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