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Natural Specimens - 12 Types

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Product Overview

Children will be drawn to 12 separately-bagged natural specimens. This set will help children develop classifying and observational skills. Latin names are included in the set.

Set includes:
*Lily Centers (soymida febrifuga) - Fruits that grow on the Indian Redwood (pod)
*Spiral Conch Shell (pugilina cochlidium) - A species of sea snail (shell)
*Butterfly Bark Slice (salacia chinensis linn) - Bark off a woody butterfly tree/shrub that is found in India (bark slice)
*Pear Pods (hydropera) - Varied pods from numerous plants (seed/pod)
*Lotus Seed Pods (nelumbium speciosum wild) - Distinctive dried seed heads of lotus plants (seed pod)
*Cinnamon Sticks (cinnamonum cassia) - An evergreen tree that provides aromatic bark that is used as a spice (bark)
*Angel Wings (oroxylum indicum) - The seed from inside seed pods on a tropical tree (seed)
*Grand Windmill (terminalia arjuna) - Fruit from the Arjun tree, sometimes used for medical purposes (dried fruit)
*Ata Fruit Slice (annona squamosa) - A fruit also known as a "sugar apple" (fruit)
*Ear White Seashell (melampus) - The shell of a type of snail/slug, usually found in Hawaii (shell)
*Pine Cone (pinus) - Small pine cone/seed from pine tree (cone/seed)
*Camel Foot (toddalia asiatica) - Fruit from a climbing South African orange tree, which tastes like an orange/lemon cross (dried fruit)