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Oobleck Classroom Kit - 1 multi-item kit

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Get Kids Exploring Every Subject With This Hands-On Oobleck Activity Kit
Just add water to make Oobleck, a substance similar to quicksand...only way more colorful. It's both a liquid and a solid! Use it with these crosscurricular activity cards and the sturdy plastic trays and it becomes a highly educational and mdash;and fun and mdash;teaching tool.*Something For Every Subject! The nine double-sided cards have activities that cross the curriculum, including: debates (Is Oobleck a solid or a liquid?), writing prompts (How would you describe Oobleck to your friends?), science experiments (observe whether things sink or float in Oobleck), team-building activities (pass a ball of Oobleck around the circle without dropping it), and more!*It's Hands-On and mdash;Literally! It doesn't get more hands-on than Oobleck! Students can literally stick their fingers in it, pour it, and play with it as they learn by trying these fun activities.*Oobleck In 3 Bright Colors: This convenient kit comes with three colors of Oobleck: orange, yellow, and blue.*It's A Solid...No, It's A Liquid...And It Glows In Black Light! Just like quicksand, Oobleck has qualities of both a solid and a liquid. It will fascinate your young scientists. Our special formula even glows under black light! (And you're in luck...we included black lights in the kit!)*9 Double-Sided, Full-Color Cards: Packed with engaging content, the activity cards offer opportunities for every type of learner...especially kinesthetic.*Laminated On Both Sides For Durability: These cards are nice and big, have clear, simple instructions, and are laminated so they stand up to whatever kids can dish out.*3 Sturdy Plastic Trays Make Cleanup Easy: Kids can work with the Oobleck in the bright and durable plastic trays that match the Oobleck colors.*Reusable! Oobleck is not a one and done deal. You can reuse it again and again.*Steve Spangler Makes Science Memorable: Oobleck from Steve Spangler Science™ (a Really Good Stuff® brand) helps you turn science lessons into awesome science experiences.*SAVE When You Buy The Components Of The Kit Together! Buy three colors of Oobleck, the activity cards, and the three plastic trays together and pay less than you would to buy them separately.Get everything you need to lead fascinating, hands-on explorations across the curriculum with this ooey, gooey Oobleck kit...and SAVE!
3 packages of Oobleck * Size: 16 oz. each * Colors: 1 each of orange * yellow * and blue * 3 LED black lights * 3 identical full-color * laminated * science experiment cards * 9 double-sided * full-color * laminated activ

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