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Steve Spangler Science Mysterious Water Suspension

Steve Spangler Science
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Product Overview

Ages 8+ / Grades 3+
A simple science experiment using a jar and water but guaranteed to make your class go crazy with anticipation and shock! Discover the properties of air, air pressure and surface tension, while pleasing the crowd. The element of surprise is very important when you’re an amazing science teacher or curious student. Great for science fair demonstrations – a real crowd stopper.

  • Mason Jar & Lid
  • 2 Pieces of Screen
  • Laminated Card
  • Activity Guide

How Does It Work?

Fill the glass jar with water and cover it with a card. Have one of your braver students or friends stand under the jar as you turn it over above his or her head. Note the amazement on the faces of your audience, but it’s nothing like you’ll see in a minute when you pull the card away from the overturned jar and dump the water on your unsuspecting—but hey, what happened? Hope you don’t mind a few screams. Who’s next? Think you can do it again? Of course you can. It’s a science experiment!

What Does It Teach?

Learn all about water molecules, including how they cling to each other forming “surface tension.” Discuss how air pressure works to keep the water from spilling all over your poor volunteer, and last but not least, brush up on your acting skills!


Brand Name
Steve Spangler Science
Age / Grade
Ages 8+ / Grades 3+
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