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Steve Spangler Science® STEM Science Kit: Slime Art

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Steve Spangler Science
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Ages 6+ / Grades 1+
Believe it or not, these ooey, gooey chains of molecules will help you better understand the world of polymers. Get ready… it’s slime time! Just measure, shake, and create a perfect batch of slime in a handy Mixing Saucer. Create slimy orb blobs, blow slime bubbles and create slime art with this fun kit! You can even mix the 3 primary colors (pink, red and yellow) to create secondary colors (orange, green and purple!) Non-Glue, Easy-to-Use and Won’t Stain Your Hands!

What does it teach? The science to making Slime is to find a way to hook the long chains of slippery polymer molecules together while the PVA is still wet. That’s the job of the Slime Activator, which is really called sodium tetraborate. You can purchase a box of the chemical at the store in the laundry soap section. It’s called Borax. The job of Borax is to link together the long chains of PVA molecules, and it works like a charm. Try making a new batch of Slime using your finger to stir the Slime Art liquid with the Slime Activator solution and you’ll feel the molecules hooking together right between your fingers. Cool!

How Does Steve Spangler’s Slime Art Work? Think of your slime like microscopic spaghetti – long chains of slippery, slimy molecules called polymers. The Activator Solution links together long polymer chains to form the world’s best slime so you can have endless amounts of fun. Keep your slime in a zipper-lock bag for safe storage and make sure to keep it off any carpet, wood surface or anywhere else you’re worried about damaging with slime.

For Teachers, Parents, Grandparents, and All-around Science Adults: We haven’t forgotten about the new STEM and STEAM initiatives you’ve been hearing about in our schools, bringing Science, Technology, Engineering, (Art), and Math together to make young scientists real thinkers!

Tired of just plain old slime? You can give the slime some character with absorbent polymer orbs that can grow 11 times their original size.

5 Experiments Included:
  • Shaker Slime
  • Slime Bubbles
  • Eye-Popping Slime Orbs
  • Slime Layers
  • Slime Art


Brand Name
Steve Spangler Science
Age / Grade
Ages 6+ / Grades 1+
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Steve Spangler Science