an activity for school-age:
This fun craft is a great “hide-and-seek” activity and would go well with Eric Carle’s The Very Hungry Caterpillar book.

before you begin:
Consider cutting the plates out beforehand. Set out paintbrushes, pour paint into craft cups, and assemble other supplies before beginning.

activity goals:
Develop fine motor skills.
Practice artistic expression.

let's get started

step 1
Cut an apple shape out of a paper plate.
step 2
Paint the apple shape red. Cut out a leaf and stem from construction paper and glue each onto the apple shape.
step 3
Once the apple shape is dry, cut a 1” slit in the middle of the apple.
step 4
Paint a green ring around another paper plate. Once dry, cut out an apple core shape.
step 5
Using one of the leftover edges from the apple core shape, cut out the green section to make a worm.
step 6
Affix a wiggly eye to one end of the worm and insert the other end in the slit in the middle of the apple. Affix with tape if necessary.