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Reusable Classroom Take-Home Bags with Zip Top - Set of 30

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30 durable clear plastic bags to keep items at school and home organized. Teachers can use these bags to send home books, assignments, flash cards and more! They can also be used to take items to and from school daily. Parents will know to look for their child's take-home bag and feel confident knowing that the work is organized in one secure bag. Each bag has a zip-top closure and writing area to label the bag. These bags are sturdy and versatile making them great for any age group. The bags are large to fit a variety of items at school or home. Parents can purchase these bags to have their child organize toys and crafts at home. It's a great product for teachers to use to stay organized during distance learning as many are using manipulatives, writing utensils, books, and more. *SAFELY SEND HOME BOOKS OR USE AT HOME: Pack of 30 for all your students. Send home books, assignments, flash cards, and more in Really Good Stuff sturdy, reusable classroom storage bags, which include a zip-top closure and writing area for labelling. Writing area is reusable if labelled with dry erase or wet erase markers. Keep papers and books safe, crease-free and all together for students to take back and forth to school. You can also use these bags at home to organize school materials, books and more!*STURDY AND VERSATILE: Reusable Classroom Take-Home Bags measure 11" by 12" and feature a zip-top closure. These storage bags are durable and the clear plastic lets you quickly identify contents. Great size for home use as children can also use them to organize items at home, as well! Teachers, use these bags to keep manipulatives and other teaching tools organized during distance learning. * STAY ORGANIZED and PROTECT MATERIALS: Really Good Stuff Reusable Classroom Take-Home Bags help students and teachers stay organized and protect materials and homework. They're a great way for teachers who travel to different classrooms and schools to keep their materials together. Control the clutter and store student materials in these clear bags. Students can use them to store subject materials, homework, and more! Bags can also be used to organize items at home!*TEACHES INDEPENDENCE: Students can learn independence when they have easy access to their materials. For independent work time or homework, students can quickly and easily retrieve and put away their materials. Before heading home students can take a bag that contains reading or assignments. Children can use these bags to keep other kinds of home items organized, such as craft materials, blocks, and other toys. *SUITS A VARIETY OF AGES: Plastic take-home bags work great for students in a variety of grades. As students get older they can take more responsibility for staying organized and protecting their materials, homework, supplies, and more. Parents will know to look for their child's take-home bag feeling confident that the work is organized in one secure bag. Parents can also use them to keep items at home organized!

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