Merry Air Putty Ornaments
An Activity for Preschoolers:
These ornaments are quick, easy and fun holiday gifts!

Before You Begin:
Gather materials needed: Colorations® Super Lightweight Air-Dry Putty, rolling pins, paper clips and Colorations® Simply Washable Tempera paint.

Activity Goals:
To create unique ornaments for the holidays
To encourage imagination and creativity

Colorations® Lightweight Air-Dry Putty is also great for making figurines and other sculpted designs. Encourage children to experiment with the putty and use their imaginations.

Using Colorations® Lightweight Air-Dry Putty, knead and roll out with a plastic rolling pin.
Select holiday themed cutters.
Press cutter into putty, remove and separate from cutter.
Take a regular paper clip and unbend once.
Attach paper clip to what you want to be the back side of your ornament. You might want to gently knead some of the putty over the top of the clip to provide extra support as the paper clip serves as a hook.
Allow putty to dry 24 hours then personalize by painting with Colorations® Simply Washable Tempera paint.
You can also decorate using, glitter, glitter paint, sequins, yarn, cording or rhinestones!
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