Angel Tree Topper
An Activity for Preschoolers:
This simple transformation from hand puppet to holiday keepsake only takes a few steps!

Before You Begin:
You will need hand puppets for each child to decorate. If you don't have a puppet stand, have the children bring in filled water bottles to use as a holding station for decorating the angel as well as to be used as a drying rack. Be sure to label each hand puppet with a permanent marker on the inside of the opening. Stuff paper towels, old material scraps, or stuffing in the head of the puppet for a fuller head. You will also need materials for decorating: gold and silver doilies, sparkly pipe cleaners, ribbon, glitter and/or metallic paint, crinkle paper for hair, rhinestones, gems and paintbrushes.

Activity Goals:
Transform hand puppets to holiday keepsakes in only a few steps! To create a unique, personalized tree topper.

You may stuff paper towels, old material scraps or other stuffing into the head of the puppet for a fuller head.

First, have the children paint the puppets with gold or silver glitter paint or metallic paint. There's no right way to do it, encourage the kids to use their imaginations!
Let dry.
Then have children glue on rick rack or any wide band ribbon with craft glue along the bottom of the puppet for embellishment.
When ribbon dries, have children use permanent markers or paint tubes or any tool to draw a face on top.
Have the children glue heart-shaped gold or silver doilies for wings. Another option for the wings is to trace the students' hands onto metallic paper, cut them out and glue those onto the back of the puppet.
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