Shimmy Shamrock Rubbings
An Activity for Preschoolers:
Do the Shimmy Shamrock! This simple activity incorporates St. Patrick's Day into an entertaining project that will get kids moving.

Before You Begin:
Gather a few types of sandpaper with different grains and cut them into shamrock-shaped designs. Tape the shapes onto the activity tables or work surfaces you have designated for this activity. Set out Colorations® Heavyweight Construction Paper in a variety of colors along with an assortment of Colorations® crayons – extra-large and chubby crayons are ideal for little hands! (Colorations Premium Triangle Crayons are also perfectly shaped for crayon rubbing.)You may want to prepare the crayons for the rubbings by having the crayon's paper wrapping partially peeled down (or off) ahead of time.

Activity Goals:
To provide a sensory experience that promotes tactile exploration
To engage children in a fun activity while providing an opportunity to celebrate St. Patrick's Day

For older children, have them design and cut out the shamrocks themselves. You can also incorporate all sorts of common household items and make the activity appropriate for anytime of the year. Try other textured objects, such as leaves, string, paper clips, fabric, tiles, coins, cardboard shapes, doilies and more! This project can also become more eco-friendly by having children collect and use clean, cut-open paper grocery bags in place of the construction paper.

Let each child choose their own pieces of construction paper.
Show the children how to lay their paper on top of the shapes and rub with the side of the crayons. Shimmy, shimmy, rub, rub! Now, you have a St. Patrick's Day design on your paper.
This is a great opportunity to have children touch the different shamrocks and talk about what each feels like to them. Can they relate the textures to something they already know?
Now it's their turn to do the Shimmy Shamrock! Encourage the children to experiment with the textures and colors and to shift their papers in different directions. They can create amazing and interesting patterns with this traditional design!
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