Mixed Media Gingerbread House
An Activity for School-Age Children:
Students will be delighted to design their very own gingerbread house collages by using a variety of media!

Before You Begin:
Gather craft materials needed: 12" x 18" brown construction paper, white tempera paint in a small bowl, white chalk, Colorations® "Paint-A-Dot" brushes, oil pastels, markers, Colorations® Washable Chubbie Markers, glue, scissors and various colors of construction paper for cutting out details such as a door, window and candy shapes.

Activity Goals:
  • To create an original design using imagination and environment as sources of inspiration
  • To explore design elements of art such as lines, shapes, colors and textures
  • To encourage fine motor skills

    You may show students a video of a gingerbread house competition for students to see how their art is also a topic that even adults love to explore.

  • Have children draw house shapes using white chalk on brown construction paper.
    After drawing their house shapes, gently press Paint-A-Dot brushes with white tempera paint to create dots on their drawn house lines to create a texture resembling cake icing. For an even more realistic texture, add salt and glue to the tempera paint and have children use a paint brush to paint lines representing icing designs.
    Once the paint has dried (you may wish to wait until the next day), let students embellish their gingerbread houses with candy shapes by cutting construction paper or drawing lines and shapes with crayons, markers or oil pastels. You may show a final example, but encourage individual ideas, personal choice and creativity.
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