Cone Christmas Trees
An Activity for Preschoolers:
These 3-D Christmas trees are a fun and easy way to celebrate the holidays!

Before You Begin Craft Activity:
Gather the art supplies needed: green construction paper for the tree and any other colors for decorations, scissors, glue, sequins, glitter, stickers, pom-poms any other collage materials to decorate your trees, and tape or staples.

Activity Goals:
  • To create a winter holiday craft
  • To create a three-dimensional artwork
  • To decorate and experiment creatively

    While Christmas trees are traditionally green, children may use any color they like for more creative and personalized crafts.

  • Cut a semicircle from corner to corner lengthwise out of a sheet of green construction paper.
    Use cardboard as both the project drop cloth and to display the collage when they have all finished painting and gluing on the cardboard.
    Talk to the children about all of the changes each plant will go through as the seasons change. Talk to the children about how they change every year also!
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