Pinch of Love Clay Pots
An Activity for Preschoolers:
Dazzling, heart-shaped pinch pots are great, easy-to-make Valentine’s Day or Mother’s Day gifts!

Before You Begin:
Make sure to encourage each child’s creativity. It is more important that each child creates their own pot shape than for the pot to be perfectly shaped. This project should be the child’s own creation.

Activity Goals:
To help children learn to feel the joy of giving something they made to another.

This simple activity can be adapted to any holiday or any thematic unit being studied in the classroom. The beauty of air-dry clay is that you do not need a baking oven to complete this project.

Have children form a flat slab of air-dry clay into a heart shape or any other shape that you or the child may determine is appropriate for the activity.
Before the clay dries, embed rhinestones or sequins into the modeling material.
Allow the pinch pots to dry for the appropriate amount of time as indicated on the air-dry clay directions.
After drying, children have the option to paint their pots with glitter paint for extra sparkle!
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