Magnet Hunt
An Activity for Preschoolers:
A STEM activity that promotes discovery and observation.

Before You Begin:
Set up the discovery tub by placing a variety of small metal items and small magnetic items at the bottom. Pour in a layer of Kidfetti, sand, or rice. Repeat layering until the tub is 2/3 full. Use masking tape and a Sharpie to label two small cardboard boxes, such as tissue boxes. Label one box “magnetic” and the other “non-magnetic.” (Another labeling option would be to place a picture of a magnet on one box and on the other box place the same label with a red line through the middle.)

Activity Goals:
To identify objects that stick to a magnet.

Once all the items are found, go through the items in each box. Encourage children to explain why they think some items stick to the magnetic wand and others do not. You may want to give the children an opportunity to find items on their own and find out if they stick to the magnet or not.

Give children magnetic wands and challenge them to find items in the discovery tub which stick to the magnet wand. If wands are limited, have children take turns.
Once a child finds an item, have them classify whether it is magnetic or non-magnetic.
Instruct them to put it in the correct cardboard box.
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