Fancy Foam Paint Resist Eggs
An Activity for Preschoolers:
A resist art project that’s perfect for Easter.

Before You Begin:
For younger children, you may want to pre-cut the egg shape. This activity can work with any paint that is resisted by crayons. The suggestions here are for using foam paint or liquid watercolor. Either paint creates a wonderful crayon resist.

Activity Goals:
To promote thinking skills and creativity
To celebrate Easter

To further explore the science of crayon resist, encourage the children to feel the crayons and notice the waxy texture. Explain how the paint cannot penetrate the wax, therefore the wax shows through the paint.

Have the children cut the paper into an egg shape.
Have children use crayons to add designs on the paper. White crayons work particularly well, but the drawings may be difficult to see. These “secret” designs can challenge a child’s thinking skills.
Dab foam paint onto the egg. If you are using Liquid Watercolor, spray the watercolors over the picture.
Wipe foam paint off with a paper towel. If you’re using watercolors, allow the paint to dry.
Children can watch their designs show through the paint.
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