There’s a Worm in My Apple
An Activity for School-Age:
This fun craft is a great “hide-and-seek” activity and would go well with Eric Carle’s The Very Hungry Caterpillar book.

Before You Begin:
Consider cutting the plates out beforehand. Set out paintbrushes, pour paint into craft cups, and assemble other supplies before beginning.

Activity Goals:
Develop fine motor skills
Practice artistic expression

Cut an apple shape out of a paper plate.
Paint the apple shape red. Cut out a leaf and stem from construction paper and glue each onto the apple shape.
Once the apple shape is dry, cut a 1” slit in the middle of the apple.
Paint a green ring around another paper plate. Once dry, cut out an apple core shape.
Using one of the leftover edges from the apple core shape, cut out the green section to make a worm.
Affix a wiggly eye to one end of the worm and insert the other end in the slit in the middle of the apple. Affix with tape if necessary.
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