Classroom Thanksgiving Tree
An Activity for Preschoolers:
Using the children’s handprints, create a tree for them to write what they are thankful for this Thanksgiving!

Before You Begin:
You will need enough pieces of construction paper for your class, I like using fall colors such as red, yellow, green and orange.

Activity Goals:
To have the children learn about Thanksgiving and what it means to be thankful.
Teaching appreciation for the things that are important to each child.
Using fine motor skills to trace and cut.

Your “Thankful Tree” can remain in the classroom throughout the Thanksgiving season!

Assist children in tracing their hands
Help them cut out the shape of their traced hands and have them write, "I am thankful for..." on the hand (they choose what they are thankful for) Step 3.
Help the children construct the trunk of the tree by using brown construction paper.
Next, each child can tape or glue their “thankful hands” to the tree
You can also add pictures of the children if you would like!
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