100th Day Colorful Counting Necklace
An Activity for School-age:
Use math and color recognition skills to create a necklace celebrating 100 days of school.

Before You Begin:
Gather materials for making necklaces, including colorful beads and lacing materials.

Activity Goals:
To practice counting to 100 in various increments and sorting by color while creating a 100th Day keepsake wearable.

Children use math skills to determine how many beads of each color will add up to 100.

Gather color sorted beads in bowls or cups.
Have kids cut the length of necklace they want, leaving room to tie it off.
Have the kids tie a knot at one end of the string so that the beads don't slide off.
Ask kids to choose the number of colors they want in their necklace. The number of colors should be divisible by 2 to be divided into 100 evenly.
Depending on the number of colors a kid wants, they choose the number of beads per color to make a necklace of 100 beads.
Tie the necklace off at each end and tie the ends together.
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