100th Day Celebration Mask
An Activity for School-age:
Dress up and party on to celebrate their 100th Day!

Before You Begin:
Gather materieals for making a 100th Day Mask: masks, glue, foam, glitter glue, gems, eyes, sparkles, etc.

Activity Goals:
To create a just-for-fun mask celebratig their 100th day of school.

This fun activity lets children get creative as they decorate colorful masks perfect for 100th Day celebrations.

Trace onto foam or construction paper the number 100 and an exclamation point.
Cut out the numbers and exclamation point.
Glue the two zeros where the eye-holes of the mask are.
Glue the numeral 1 and the exclamation point to the beginning and end of the zeros.
Decorate the mask as desired using glitter glue and collage materials.
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