Liquid Watercolor™ Flowers
An Activity for Preschoolers:
Celebrate spring while learning about plant science!

Before You Begin:
Prepare a space to store your flowers overnight, and gather the following materials: clear plastic cups, rubber bands, Liquid Watercolor™ and fresh white flowers.

Activity Goals:
To illustrate how flower stems absorb nutrients by letting them absorb color.

This is a great STEM activity. The changing color of the flowers demonstrates the properties of plants and how they absorb nutrients.

Stretch two rubber bands from top to bottom over each cup to hold flowers in place.
Place the plastic cups onto a flat surface and fill each with a different color of Liquid Watercolor™.
Clip flower stems at an angle on the bottom and place them in each cup.
Leave the flowers out to absorb the color. Some flowers will absorb the color overnight, while other flowers may take longer.
Enjoy the observation process, as well as the final flower colors!
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