Fireworks Painting
An Activity for Preschoolers:
Recreate the sights of a beautiful fireworks show!

Before You Begin:
To create these colorful and explosive scenes, you'll need the following: paint in various colors, construction paper, craft rolls and paper plates.

Pour some of each color of paint onto a paper plate—one color per plate.

Activity Goals:
To experiment with colors and shapes by representing fireworks.

Choose red, white and blue for a more patriotic theme, or allow children to explore their creativity with a variety of paints. Shimmering metallic paints provide a unique touch!

To make fireworks paint stampers, cut one end of a craft roll in 1/4" strips halfway to the middle and bend the resulting flaps outward. You should create a stamper for each color of paint.
Dip the flaps of the art roll into the paint and stamp onto a piece of construction paper.
Repeat step 2 with different colors using a different art roll for every color.
Allow the artwork to dry and display for a collaborative classroom fireworks scene.
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