Flowerpot for Grandma
An Activity for Preschoolers:
Show grandma how much she's loved!

Before You Begin:
"For these darling flowerpots you'll need papier mache pots, glue, glitter, washable paint, construction paper and paper straws. Papier Mache Pots, Glue, Glitter, Washable Paint, Construction Paper, Paper Straws"

Activity Goals:
To make a gift for grandma that is a reminder of how much she's loved.

These versatile pots can serve as a candy holder, pen holder or just a sweet gift for children to give to their grandmother.

Dip both hands in paint and make handprints onto construction paper. Allow to dry.
While the handprints are drying, cut out leaf shapes in green construction paper.
Decorate a papier mache flowerpot using paint, glitter or any collage materials desired.
Cut out children's handprints from the dried construction paper and glue onto a paper straw.
Glue the leaves and a sign for grandma to the paper straw below the hands, leaving about 2-3" of space at the end.
Glue the paper straw to the inside of the pot and allow to dry completely.
Fill the pot with a sweet treat, pens or even a gift and give it to grandma.
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