Alphabet Scrapbooks
An Activity for Preschoolers:
Build a scrapbook to help children learn the Alphabet and associate pictures and ideas with particular letters.

Before You Begin:
You will need a lot of pictures from newspapers, magazines, catalogs, online, etc. Also a scrapbook is required, either 8.5" x 11" or 12" x 12" with 27 pages (so that each letter can be made into a two page spread).

Activity Goals:
  • Help children familiarize themselves with the letters of the Alphabet.
  • Allow children to create their own scrapbook

    Children will enjoy learning the Alphabet and phonics with a book that you made with them!

  • Step 1.
    Divide the pages so that there are two pages for each letter, one cover and one back page.
    Step 2.
    Trim all the pictures so that they show only what is associated with the letter.
    Step 3.
    Take the pages out of the plastic scrapbook covers.
    Step 4.
    Arrange the pictures so that they fill the entire two-page spread.
    Step 5.
    Paste all the pictures to the pages in the arrangement that you placed.
    Step 6.
    Place the pages carefully back into the plastic covers so that you don't tear off the pictures that you just pasted.

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