Handprint Easter Lily
An Activity for Preschoolers:
A creative and simple Easter project!

Before You Begin:
For each child, gather a small notebook or several sheets of loose paper that can be stapled or held together easily. Collect (or have the children help collect) a variety of old magazines and newspapers for this activity. Have the children cut out pictures of various animals. Spread these animal pictures and letters out on a table so that they can be easily recognized and sorted through. You may need to prepare pictures of rarer animals to ensure there are a variety of animals represented for various letters of the alphabet. Because the students may also want to draw the animal that corresponds to a letter, not every letter needs to have an associated animal. Set out Colorations® washable school glue, Colorations® crayons and markers. Prepare a sheet with the alphabet for children to reference, or have flashcards on hand with the alphabet letters on them. Or, write the alphabet on a chalkboard or whiteboard for the teacher to show to the whole class at once.

Activity Goals:
  • To create a festive springtime craft
  • To develop fine motor skills

    Easter lilies are known to have special significance for Easter. Talk with children about some of the different meanings and symbols that are associated with this flower and Easter.

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    Step 1.
    Using a white heavyweight piece of construction paper, trace around the child’s open hand. Adult help will be needed to help young children draw around their hand and to cut it out.
    Step 2.
    Cut out the handprint, leaving a wide portion at the wrist.
    Step 3.
    Bring the two sides at the wrist together and glue. This should look like a cone at the bottom of the hand.
    Step 4.
    Use a yellow or gold pipe cleaner and glue it inside the flower,
    Step 5.
    Use a green straw as the stem and glue it inside the flower.
    Step 6.
    Cut out foam or paper leaves - using tacky glue, attach them to the straw.
    Step 7.
    When all children’s flowers are done, you can make a Easter lily bouquet.
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