Painting With Flowers
An Activity for Preschoolers:
This activity demonstrates how it is possible to paint using objects other than paint brushes.

Before You Begin:
Gather craft materials needed: brown and red paint, paint brushes, construction paper and a black marker. Introduce and discuss the letter A with children. Talk about the sounds made by the letter as well as words that begin with A. You may write "Aa is for Ants" on the sheets of paper before or after completing the activity.

Activity Goals:
To create a festive springtime craft
To develop fine motor skills

This activity may be modified in several ways for early math practice. Instead of placing dots randomly, place a single dot on one blade, two on the next blade and so on. You may choose to place the bug faces on blades with an even or odd amount of dots. You may also use different colored dots on blades with even and odd amounts.

Distribute supplies and have children choose their wooden shapes. Let them be creative in their choice, but be sure that they have petals, a center portion of the flower and a leaf or two.
Draw a line with the crayon to divide the construction paper into above-ground and below-ground sections.
Spread a substantial amount of glue around the brown construction paper and add your chosen supplies to create a nest.
Optional for letter reinforcement: Cut a letter N out of paper or craft foam and glue it onto the construction paper for the nest. Additional options include using the letter B for birds.
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