Iceberg Melt
An Activity for School-Age Children:
Using icebergs made from paint, children watch the melting process and make observations of the combination of colors, flow of the melting colors and the elapsed time needed for their "icebergs" to melt.

Before You Begin:
Gather materials needed: small paper cups, markers, water, BioColor® paint colors and a covered working surface. <

Activity Goals:
  • To practice measuring
  • To understand the difference between liquids and solids
  • To hypothesize about the new colors created when colors are mixed
  • To create art and patterns from the melting "iceberg" paint
  • To discuss where real icebergs can be found

    This activity provides opportunity for more discussion about the environment and conservation of water and other precious natural resources. You may also have the students label the different actions that are taking place (as shown in the photo).

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    Step 1.
    Give each student a small paper cup and have them write their name on it. Students should add their own mix of BioColor® paint to their cup. Freeze overnight.
    Step 2.
    Have the children guess (i.e., make hypotheses) what will happen when their icebergs begin to melt and blend together. What new colors will be created?
    Step 3.
    Tear away the paper cups to release each iceberg. Place the icebergs on a plastic tray, panel or another type of water container.
    Step 4.
    Observe the melting icebergs. Which hypotheses proved to be true? Encourage the children to develop new hypotheses as they observe.
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