Inkblot Art
An Activity for Toddlers:
Let little ones explore textures, colors, temperatures and more!

Before You Begin:
Gather materials needed: Construction paper, paint and possible embellishments such as wiggly eyes.

Activity Goals:
  • To create a festive springtime craft
  • To develop fine motor skills

    When everyone's art is complete, display them for the entire class to see. Encourage discussion amongst the students. Does everyone see the same thing that the artist saw? Do they see something different?

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    Step 1.
    Fold a piece of construction paper in half. This can be either horizontally or vertically.
    Step 2.
    On one half of the paper, place dots of paint in a random pattern. Try using some small dots of paint and some larger dots of paint. Don't make the dots too large to avoid paint escaping from the paper.
    Step 3.
    Now, with the paper on a table or other solid surface, carefully fold the blank side on top of the painted side. Press gently so that the paint spreads on both sides of the paper.
    Step 4.
    Open the paper to discover the inkblot artwork! Provide the children with embellishments to use to decorate their art once they decide what it is.
    Step 5.
    To allow creativity in finding a defined object within something seemingly abstract.
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