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Excellerations® Plush Basket of Sensory Babies - 7 Pieces

From $28.14

Product Overview

Babies and toddlers will love squeezing and hugging these adorable sensory dolls!
  • FOR INFANTS AND TODDLERS: Infants and young toddlers will love squeezing and hugging these adorable plush baby dolls. Ultra-soft with no removable parts, these babies will soon become a favorite toy
  • SENSORY PLAY: Babies are made of soft, colorful and tactile fabric. Each doll makes a sound; a rattle, crinkle or squeak, for fun and engaging sensory play
  • INCLUDES BASKET: The six sensory baby dolls come in a plush blue basket made of soft tactile fabric. Infants and young toddlers will love taking the babies out and putting them back into the basket. Also perfect for easy storage!
  • MULTICULTURAL: Start teaching diversity at an early age. The basket of six multicultural babies have different shades of skin and colors of clothing. The dolls encourage inclusion and invite early conversations about other countries and ethnicities
  • FOR DAYCARE AND HOME: These plush sensory toys are perfect for a daycare setting or endless play at home. Great for imaginative play, young children will love to experiment with these sensory dolls