On many occasions it is thought that the only way to measure a child’s listening comprehension is through asking questions. This activity brings a new strategy for assessing comprehension through creative expression.

set up ideas:
Gather the children in a circle. Aim to choose a story to read involving fun scenery or wacky characters.

let's get started

Create a space for painting easels and chairs or table space for painting. Provide the children with easel paper, a variety of tempera paint and large painting brushes.

step 1
Read a book to the group. Tell the children to pay close attention because they will have a special kind of quiz at the end.
step 2
After you are done reading the story, ask the children to draw or paint their favorite part of the story. Provide them with easel paper, paint and brushes.
step 3
After the paintings are complete, have each child share them with the rest of the group. Instruct each child to share a unique alternative ending to the scene.
step 4
As the children are sharing, utilize this time as an opportunity to question and discuss additional areas of the story.

Ask the children if they learned new parts of the story through seeing the work of their peers. Instruct them to compare how they envisioned different characters. Host an open discussion about perspective.
Tips and Tricks Tips and Tricks
Make the story interactive and exciting! Children listen and retain information when it is presented in funny voices or song.
Follow Up ActivityFollow up Activity
Invite the children to read a story to their peers or to create their own stories through words or drawings and explain it to their peers.