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Wiggle & Write Flexible Seat

Item # R166761
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This versatile seat can be used as a lapboard, as a slant board on a desk or table, as a foot rocker, or as a wobble seat for releasing anxiety and excess energy. Made of strong plastic and featuring antimicrobial protection, its ideal for flexible classrooms. Kids can easily bring it with them as they move around the learning space.

  • MULTIPURPOSE SEAT: Students can use this durable plastic seat as a lapboard, put it on the floor under a desk as a foot rocker, or set it on a desk and turn it into a slant board. They can also place it on the floor and use it as a wobble seat, wiggling their bodies and feet to release anxiety or excess energy as they work.
  • DURABLY MADE: Constructed of tough plastic with an antimicrobial treatment, this sturdy seat is made to last. You can wipe it clean with a damp cloth.
  • FLEXIBLE CLASSROOMS: With four different uses, this seat adds a lot of versatility to your learning environment. Its small and light enough for kids to carry it with them as they move around the classroom.
  • RELEASE EXCESS ENERGY: Especially helpful for students with ADHD or anxiety disorders, this seat allows them to wiggle around and move their bodies as they work. It helps them focus while releasing pent-up energy.
  • VERSATILE SEATING: This portable seat gives students flexibility and a choice of where and how they work in the classroom. It compares favorably with the price of other flexible seating options currently on the market.


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Really Good Stuff®
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