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Carpet Mark-Its Sensory Path - 72 pieces

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Make A Multi-Shape Sensory Path For Kids To Follow And Get The Wiggles And The Jitters Out
Create a sensory pathway on carpeted floors or hallways with this set of 72 Carpet Mark-Its. There are left and right feet, arrows, arches, blobs, circles, triangles, diamonds, hearts, stars, and ovals in vibrant colors, plus two 10' strips for creating your own pieces. Give your class a brain break!
  • Create Your Own Path: Set up your unique sensory pathway anyway you like with this set of creative shapes and let your kids come up with the movements for each mark.
  • 72 Pieces: You'll get a big set of fun, colorful shapes to create your sensory path: feet, arrows, arches, blobs, squares, circles, hearts, stars, triangles, diamonds, and ovals!
  • Add Your Own Shapes: You can make your own shapes out of the two 10' strips in two different widths.
  • It's A Whole-Class Activity: Creating a sensory path lets you set the outline, but gives kids input into how they move for each spot, so it makes for a unifying team-building activity.
  • Sensory Pathway Calms Kids Down: Letting kids have a controlled indoor activity using their input helps them get the wiggles out and calms bodies and minds at the same time. It makes a great brain break!
  • Sturdy, Unique Design: These Mark-Its will adhere firmly to carpets and stand up to vigorous use. Plus, the combination of shapes is unique! Let kids relieve stress and calm themselves enjoyably when they follow the sensory path you construct using these cool shapes.
  • Sensory Path’s are great for younger students learning to follow classroom routines and instructions. Our Sensory Paths provide structure to kids having to transition by focusing on the path and activities rather than the other distractions from one place to another.

  • 70 sensory path shapes in zip-top bags: 5 each of left feet & right feet
  • arches
  • squares
  • circles
  • hearts
  • stars
  • triangles
  • diamonds
  • ovals
  • 10 each of arrows and blobs
  • Feet Size: 5" by 2" each
  • Arrow Size: 3" by 2" each
  • Arches/Blob Size: 5" each
  • Squares/Circles/Hearts/Stars Size: 4" each
  • Triangle Size: 4" by 4" each
  • Diamond Size: 2" by 4" each
  • Oval Size: 2" by 4" each
  • Colors: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple
  • 2 strips
  • Size: 10' by 1" and 10' by 2"
  • Zip-top bags


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Really Good Stuff®
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