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Excellerations® Familiar Object Language Card Set, Set of 168

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Ages 3+ / Grades PreK-1
Our exclusive set of bilingual photo cards is a fun way to work on preschool language, literacy, math, and science skills, including vocabulary and pronunciation - comparing, contrasting and classifying.

  • WHAT YOU GET: Set of 168, 4 inches x 6 inches cards; including 32 food cards, 20 animal cards, and 116 photos of everyday objects found around the house, garage, yard and school.
  • VIVID PICTURES: Each colorful image is identified in large text on the back of the card in both English and Spanish. A great way to work on your English, Spanish, or both.
  • DURABLE PACKAGING: Cards are packaged in a durable cardboard storage box (with lid) making it easy to store cards when you're done studying while keeping them nice and without tears or bending corners.
  • GREAT TEACHING TOOL: Fun way to work on preschool language, literacy, math and science skills, including vocabulary and pronunciation - comparing, contrasting and classifying.
  • GIFT IDEA: Great gift idea for any young child who is beginning to learn more complicated words. With great pictures and words in both Spanish and English, flashcard set offers children a great kickstart to their education.

The science of reading is an evidence-based approach to teaching reading that emphasizes phonics and language structure. Educational toys and games can improve phonics and phonemic awareness, key skills for language development in children. Learning to read in early childhood involves several steps, including developing oral language skills, phonemic awareness, letter recognition, phonics, sight word recognition, and comprehension. These skills can be developed through reading aloud, playing with language, practicing letter and sound recognition, and engaging with a variety of texts. Investing in premium, durable classroom products can have a positive long-term environmental impact by reducing the need for frequent replacements.


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Ages 3+ / Grades PreK-1
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