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Magnetic Dry Erase Boards With Vinyl Magnetic Letters With Alphabet Storage Case - Small Group Pack

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Easily Manage Word Study For Your Small Groups
With plenty of the most commonly occurring letters needed to build words, this set includes uppercase letters for capitalizing proper nouns. Vowels come in two colors: blue to match the consonants and red to help students distinguish them. The letters are easily managed in the alphabet storage case with labeled compartments and a tight-fitting lid. The six new, improved magnetic dry erase boards are durable, with a more attractive backing.*Sturdy Whiteboard Construction: We updated the design of our whiteboards, making them more durable and giving them a more attractive backing.*Perfect Size Boards For Students: These 12" by 9" boards fit nicely in students' laps or on their desks.*Ideal For Small Groups: This set of six boards and 258 letter tiles was designed with small-group practice in mind.*Includes Capital And Lowercase Letters: With both capital and lowercase letters, kids can spell proper names and form sentences.*Vowels In 2 Colors: The vowels come in both blue to match the consonants plus red to help students distinguish them. You can choose whether you want to give students color cues to help them pick out the vowels.*Sturdy Plastic Case Makes Clean-Up A Breeze! The labeled compartments in the plastic storage case make it easy for students to put the letters away when they're done. The secure lid prevents spills.Outfit small groups with 6 durable whiteboards and 258 magnetic letter tiles for hands-on word-building practice. Store the letters in the convenient case!
1 plastic storage case with 28 compartments and 52 stickers to label them (includes lower and upper case alphabet letters * Spanish letters * numbers 0 - 9 * math symbols * money symbols * one blank.) * Size: 16 "L X 10 "W X 2"H * 6 single-sided * magnetic dry erase boards * Size: 12" by 9" each (Size may vary up to ".) * 258 letter tiles (62 uppercase * 196 lowercase) * Size: 1" by 1" each


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Really Good Stuff®
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