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Spanish Comprehension Game Trio: Inference, Main Idea and Summary (Tro De Juegos De Comprensin! Inferencia, Idea Principal y Resumen) - 3 games

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Ages 9+ / Grades 4+
Boost Comprehension Skills With Three Engaging Board Games In Spanish
Students can use any of the three card sets with any of the three engaging game boards! Each card deck offers 50 brief passages in Spanish, with questions targeting a specific skill: making inferences, identifying the main idea, or summarizing. The games are designed so everyone gets a chance to answer the question and move ahead, even when it's not their turn!*Three Skill Sets: The set focuses on key comprehension skills with summary, inference, and main idea games in Spanish.*Stories to Share: Each deck of cards offers 50 brief yet substantial passages accompanied by multiple-choice questions. The three decks each target different comprehension focus skills.*Twists and Turns: The game remains exciting from start to finish with cool features like slides, ladders, and bonuses.*100% Engagement: No matter whose turn it is, all players get a chance to answer the question and move ahead one space if they are correct. The player whose turn it is has a chance to move ahead farther than the other players.*Custom Difficulty Level: The die image on each card indicates the complexity, allowing you to tailor the game to your students' abilities. You can easily differentiate play by skill, text type, or text complexity.*Up To 12 Players At A Time: Four students can play on the same board at the same time. If you have all three boards in use, up to 12 kids can play at once.*Geared To Grades 4 And 5: These games are designed for students with a fourth or fifth grade reading level in Spanish.*Instructional Guide Included: Refer to the Really Good Instructional Guide that comes with the set to make the most of this trio of fun games.Kids develop important reading comprehension skills in Spanish when they play this trio of fun board games!
3 game boards * Size: 18" by 18" each * folds to 9" by 9" * 3 sets of 55 cards each (Inference * Main Idea * and Summary) * each set includes answer key and bonus cards * Size: 3" by 4" each * 12 pawns * 36 tokens * Really Good Instructional Guide * 4 players per board * 12 total players at a time


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Really Good Stuff®
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Ages 9+ / Grades 4+
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