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LEGO® Large Creative Brick Box

Item # 707805
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Build STEM Skills And Creativity With This Great Big Set Of LEGOs and mdash;790 Pieces!
This big box of LEGOs is the perfect toolkit for budding builders of all ages. In addition to classic interlocking bricks in different sizes and colors, you get special pieces to inspire creative construction: wheels, windows, and more. Comes with ideas to get kids started, and leaves plenty of room for their own imaginations to take over. Sturdy storage tub included.*790 Pieces In 33 Colors: Kids of all ages will enjoy creating with this huge set of classic LEGO building blocks.*Construct Amazing Buildings, Vehicles, And More! This set has so much more than the classic LEGO building bricks in different sizes and colors. It comes with eight different types of windows and doors, and six tires and wheel rims. You also get two baseplates for holding the creations securely in place as kids build, and for displaying them afterwards. Create castles, towns, animals, motorbikes, and more. The possibilities are limited only by your kids' imaginations!*A Great Starter Set and mdash;Or Supplement Your Current Set: This set is compatible with all LEGO construction sets. Use it as a starter set for your classroom or playroom...or add on to your existing collection.*Build Those 21st Century STEM Skills: As kids build up a storm with this plentiful LEGO set, they'll be learning important 21st century STEM skills like critical thinking, spatial reasoning, collaboration, and more.*Building Ideas And Sturdy Storage Tub Included: Students can create some of the items suggested in the guide and/or branch out and follow their own imaginations. When they're done, the pieces go back into the tub for easy storage.Outfit your young engineers with 790 LEGO building pieces, and watch those STEM skills grow!
790 plastic building bricks and pieces in 33 colors (including 2 baseplates * 8 types of windows and doors * and 6 wheels and rims) * Baseplates in 2 sizes: 1 each of 6" by 6" and 4" by 2"

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