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EZ Stick Numbers, Shapes, And Colors Decals - 45 decals

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Use Movement To Teach Numbers, Colors, And Shapes
Place these colorful decals on the floor or wall and invite kids to read the word for the color, shape, or number shown as they step on or high-five the decal.*45 Reusable 4" Round Decals: These decals will stick to virtually any flat surface, including classroom floors or walls. They come off easily, leaving no residue behind. Move them as often as you like.*Gets Kids Moving: Give students a fun and active way to build basic math vocabulary. Place the decals on the floor or the wall and have kids read them as they step on them, or read them as they high five them on the wall.*Learn Numbers, Shapes and Colors! The decals include pictures/ numerals and words for numbers, shapes, and colors. Pair them with the Spanish version (166880, sold separately).Give kids an active way to build vocabulary for shapes, numbers, and colors!
45 decals * Size: 4" diameter each

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