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Excellerations® Building Brilliance Magnetic Shapes - 150 Pieces

Item # BB150

Product Overview

The same incredible magnetic shapes but now with 20 clear squares and 5 clear triangles which the other original 2 sets do not have. These dazzling magnetic tiles are irresistible to children! They're perfect for exploring spatial relations, color and shape recognition.
  • Unique tiles attract on all sides, allowing for endless creative, free-form 3-D configurations in addition to cubes, pyramids and more
  • The vibrantly-colored shapes promote critical thinking, math reasoning and classifying and sorting by attributes
  • Perfect for classroom light exploration and encouraging imaginative, creative play
  • Addresses multiple STEM objectives such as investigating the effects of strength or direction of push/pull on the motion of an object and planning and conducting investigations of the effects of placing objects of varied materials in light beam paths.
  • Colored shapes included: 18 squares, 8 small right triangles, 8 isosceles triangles, 8 equilateral triangles and 6 trapezoids
  • 20 clear squares and 5 clear triangles which the other two sets do not have
  • Excellent for use on LED light tables
  • Activity guide included
  • Ages 3 years and up
Set includes:
78 small squares
6 rectangles
20 small right triangles
12 large right triangles
12 isosceles triangles
18 equilateral triangles
6 trapezoids


Brand Name
Age / Grade
Ages 3+ / Grades PreK+
Assembly Required