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Daisy Puzzles Set - Number Sense 0 to 10

Item # R162831
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Students arrange colorful petals in a numbered center piece to show the number in different formats: number word, dice pattern, tenframe, tally marks, etc. Just flip the completed daisy over to see if it's correct!

  • KID FRIENDLY: Daisy puzzle is smartly designed with bright colors and self checking if they get stuck. Perfect addition to your number learning toy and game collection.
  • PUZZLE SIZE: Puzzle is small and portable so kids can practice and take the daisy with wherever they go. Great for car rides and traveling. Small in size making it easy for kids to hold and play with.
  • UNIQUE: Each colorful petal displays number in different format. Easy way to visualize and understand numbers. Works different parts of brain.
  • PERFECT GIFT: Great gift for children who are just starting to learn numbers and don't want to get too overwhelmed.
  • CLASSROOM OR HOME: Daisy puzzle works great in a classroom setting with numerous children working together, or at home practicing with a parent.


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Really Good Stuff®
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