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Excellerations® Peg Number Boards
Math Skills Numeracy Centers: Grades K-3
13 Items Included
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Excellerations® Color and Light Matrix
Excellerations® STEM Translucent Cubes with Activity Cards
From Dark to Light - Early STEM Color Sequencing & Sorting
Find and Count - Identifying Objects & Counting 1 to 10
Excellerations® Liquid Numbers - Set of 10
Plastic Magnetic Number and Symbols Kit
What Time Is It? Telling Time Activity
Toys for Life Starter Sets
9 Items Included
Excellerations® Weighted Counting Bears - 96 Pieces
Sort the Bears - Counting & Sorting Fine Motor Activity
100 Unifix® Cubes
Small Parts
Excellerations® Counting Bear Pattern Cards - Set of 25
Excellerations® Polished Pebbles - 2 lbs.
From Full to Empty - Sequencing Skills Activity with 25 Wooden Cards
Excellerations® Size and Shape Puzzles - Set of 6
Excellerations® Milliliters Bucket Scale
From 1 to 10 - Subtilizing Skills Activity with 40 Wooden Cards
Mathematic Bus - Addition & Subtraction Game
Subitizing Dominoes
Animal Logic - Early Sequencing & Sorting Game
Excellerations® Shapes & Counting Pizzeria