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Math Stations Pocket Chart and Cards Easy Setup Kit

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Easily Set Up Rotations For Your Color-Coded Math Groups
Setting up color-coded rotations for your math center is a cinch with this ingenious pocket chart system that empowers your groups to run independently. Slip the cards into the pockets of the chart to display your rotations. Blank cards give you added flexibility for changing station activities.*Double-Sided, Write-On/Wipe-Off Grouping Chart: Display your groups on the color-coded chart. Need to move somebody to a different group? Just erase the students name and write it on a different color.*Color-Code 3, 4, Or 5 Student Groups: Use the five-color side of the grouping chart or the three-color side, depending on how many groups you have. You get five bright grouping colors to work with: red, orange, yellow, green, and purple.*Sturdy Pocket Chart With 48 Laminated Cards: Place the group color cards down the left side of the pocket chart and the station activity cards across the top, and then fill in the rotation numbers. Cards are double-sided and laminated for strength. Blank cards give you the option to add your own station activities.*Foster Independence And Free Up Teacher Time: This easy color-coded rotation system enables students to independently rotate through the stations in your math center with minimal guidance, so you have more time for other teaching tasks.Promote independence in your math center with this easy pocket chart system that displays rotations for color-coded groups.
1 pocket chart * Size: 22" by 26" * 48 laminated cards (5 group color cards * 18 station cards * 25 rotation cards) * Size: 3" by 3" each * 1 double-sided grouping chart * Write Again wipe-off laminate (3 colors on one side/5 colors on the other) * Size: 24" by 19"

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