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Really Good Stuff® Fractions Dry-Erase Board Set - 6 Boards

Item # 157883
Really Good Stuff®
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Ages 7+ / Grades 2+
These handy two-sided, Fractions Dry-Erase Boards make it easier than ever to give students a convenient practice area to write a fraction in words; write and draw a fraction; add or subtract fractions; and write and draw equivalent fractions. One side of the Board is printed with easy-to-label fraction questions and problems and the other side of the Board is blank for additional fraction activities, practice, and games. Your students will seek out fraction practice with the write, check, revise, and wipe-off strategy that these Dry-Erase Boards bring to the table!

  • WHAT’S INCLUDED: The Fraction Dry-Erase Boards set includes 6, two-sided non-magnetic dry-erase boards (12" by 9" each.)
  • PROVIDE A HANDY MATH TOOL FOR FRACTION PRACTICE: The Boards in this set help students practice fractions in 4 different ways and provide a blank side for additional fraction activities, practice, and games!
  • ASSESS AND REINFORCE STUDENT LEARNING WITH A QUICK PEEK: These Dry-Erase Boards allow you an at-a glance assessment of student progress and let you encourage students with a positive quick-erase, rethink, and resolve strategy.
  • SHOW AND TELL ABOUT FRACTIONS WITH DRY ERASE LESSONS: These Boards are the perfect tool to introduce fractions for individuals and small groups. You show and tell, and then students give it a try!
  • ENCOURAGE GOOD WORK HABITS: Get your students implementing good-work habits by having them safely cap and store their markers, erase the Boards completely, and store the Boards so they are ready for the next students to work with fractions.


Brand Name
Really Good Stuff®
Age / Grade
Ages 7+ / Grades 2+
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