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Really Good Stuff® Number Line Pocket Chart With Cards - 1 pocket chart, 217 cards

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Really Good Stuff®
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Customize Your Own Number Line With This Unique Pocket Chart
With number cards 0180, this one-of-a-kind pocket chart enables you to create a custom number line to fit your specific math lessons. Its also great for counting the days in school. A fantastic tool for building mental math skills!*Interactive Pocket Chart Number Line Has Many Uses: Arrange the cards in the pockets any way you like to create a number line that works for the exact lesson and concepts you are teaching. A great addition to your math lessons or morning meeting routine, you can use it to count the days of school, teach place value, practice number order or skip counting, and so much more!*Sturdy Polyester Pocket Chart Over 4 Feet Long: Made of durable polyester with four grommets for hanging, this pocket chart is designed to last. It features a preprinted number line and 21 clear acetate pockets to hold the number cards.*Includes Number Cards 0180: The plentiful cards in this set allow you to work with numbers through 180! The double-sided cards are laminated for durability.*Color-Coded Cover Cards Add Versatility: Slip the red or blue plastic cards over the number cards to hide the number and help students practice skip counting, naming one more or one less/10 more or 10 less, and other key math skills.*Comes With Teaching Guide And Card Storage Box: The cards store neatly in a sturdy box, and the set includes an instructional guide with suggestions for use.*Reinforce Counting, Place Value, Mental Math and More: The unique and flexible design of this number line makes it an ideal tool for teaching and reinforcing math skills ranging from number recognition and sequencing to counting, adding and subtracting, place value, and more. You wont find another set like this anywhere!Finally! A number line that you can set up exactly the way you want it!
1 pocket chart with 4 grommets * Size: 53" by 7" * 181 laminated number cards * 0180 * Size: 2" by 3" each * 36 plastic cover cards * Size: 2 by 3" each * Card storage box * Really Good Instructional Guide


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Really Good Stuff®
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